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2010 Edition

Masonic Coin Welcome to Masonic Coins, about a year ago I decided to have some coins minted so that I may give them as gifts to other masons who in one way or another have touched my life. I've given away about half of them but soon after showing them to a few brothers, it was obvious that there is a larger demand so I created this website! You may have seen similar coins in the past, but never cast of pure silver. This popular design features the working tools of all three degrees in addition to the all seeing eye. Each coin come with a unique serial number. On the back of each coin is space for engraving along with the small wording "One troy ounce .999 fine silver". 39mm coin in plastic coin case.
$99 US

2010 Edition Now Available!
Due to the high price of silver and remaining 2010 inventory, there are currently no plans for a 2011 coin. Our next redesign will be in 2012 or 2013.
Issued Description Minted Remain
2009 Masonic Coin 2009 Edition - .999 Solid Silver 25 0
2010 Masonic Coin 2010 Edition - .999 Solid Silver - No G 25 0
2010 Masonic Coin 2010 Edition - .999 Solid Silver 25 17

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