Coin Grading

When it comes to collecting coins, there is a well established grading system in place that is for the most part universally accepted. Unfortunately, that system is complex, expensive and results in the coin being permanently sealed in a rather large plastic container.

We've found that many brothers prefer a much smaller protective container that may allow them to easily carry it around in their pocket or to lodge. Some brothers also opt to have their coin mounted in something that can be put on a keychain or neck chain. Thus making this large graded container less desirable almost anyone but professional coin collectors.

We are not professional coin collectors. We simply have a quantity of these now extremely rare coins. As such, we do not attempt to assign them a particular grade. We simply take very high resolution photos of them, assign them a price determined by our opinion of their condition and how much they costed us. It's up to you to examine each coin individually and find the right balance of price and condition to fits your budget and desires. You will find that the coins with little to no wear are extremely expensive, while a small amount of wear that still lets you see all the symbology can drop the price substantially. For brothers on a tight budget, we have some coins with extreme amounts of wear that can become very low cost.

If you are interested in a graded coin, we do have several that we purchased already graded and they come in the aforementioned sealed plastic container. We do not currently have any of these listed for sale. If you are interested in a graded coin, please contact us so that we can accommodate you.

Unfortunately, over the last 200 years, some individuals wanted to put these pieces on keychains or necklaces and attempted to accomplish that by simply drilling a hole in them. If your intent is to drill a hole in one of these coins that does not have a hole, please contact us first so that we can provide you with some alternative options or show you one of the few coins we have that someone drilled into. That being said, once you purchase your own masonic coin, it is your property and you are free to do with it as you please. We encourage brothers not to drill into the coins  because there are other options to accomplish the same end result.