Privacy Policy

We do not sell your information.

Some parties may require your information such as the credit card processor. We don't know what they do with it but we assume they also do not sell it since we have not agreed to let them do any such thing.

We use Shopify for our storefront, that means your information is stored on Shopify servers, this can include essentially anything you click on or type in while visiting our store. Shopify is a massive, enterprise grade e-commerce platform and we believe your information is safe there. If you buy things online, it is almost certain you have bought from a Shopify store in the past.

We might email you from time to time. By "we", we mean Ashlar Group, LLC and any website, store or service that is part of the Ashlar Group.

Again, we do not sell your information.

We keep records of what coins we sell to who including the images of each coin. If illegal copies appear on the market and it is traced back to coin sold to you, we may contact you and ask you about it.

We may contact you anyways for any reason. Especially for simple things like a returned package, unclear address or problem with an order.

It is unlikely we would randomly call you just to "chat".

We do use some third party services to track whether or not paid advertising is working. Examples of this would be Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. We honestly don't know what they do with your information but virtually every site you visit on the internet is going to have the same pieces of code from them so there is really no getting around it.

We are Freemasons too and you know what means.