Fakes & Counterfeits

We guarantee the authenticity of every single coin we sell. We acquired these coins long before the fakes began to appear on the market and have verified their authenticity. We would warn all brothers to avoid any seller on ebay in the UK as we have found at least two parties there making counterfeit versions of these. The UK does not appear to have the same requirements for replica coins as we do in the United States. Here, any replica coin must have the text "REPLICA" clearly visible on the casting. The UK does not appear require this and unless someone is making unauthorized copies of their current or recent use currencies then it seems to appear they do not need to affix any special markings at all.

We have been in touch with US Customs and Border Control to help stop these illegal black market fakes from entering the United States and be seized at the border.

To our knowledge, we are the only US based legitimate seller of these rarities.

Please note the above text pertains specifically to the late 1790's series of coins we offer.